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McLaren Racing sign another contract

McLaren Racing has one single mission: to win Grand Prix and World Championships. Their logistics fleet is essential for the European leg of the F1 circuit which sees the Team travel to nine countries.

TyreWatch are proud to be the official supplier of connected tyre technology across the entire McLaren fleet. The renowned race team rely on TyreWatch to continuously monitor every commercial tyre to ensure their vehicles arrive on schedule.

With just days between races, the fleet must cover long distances within intensive time constraints; often requiring non-stop travel with triple manned drivers. McLaren have recently invested in 24 state-of-the-art Volvo FH trucks combining all the latest technology to enhance drivability. These power a fleet of 25 bespoke HGV trailers providing the ever-changing logistical requirements for the race cars, technical support and hospitality operations.

Glenn Sherwood, co-founder of TyreWatch, commented: "we are delighted to have secured another three-year contract with McLaren. Our digital truck tyre platform connects commercial tyres in the same way F1 cars have enjoyed for years. McLaren were early adopters of TyreWatch back in 2016 and our platform has consistently proved itself since."

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McLaren Truck fitted with TyreWatch