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TyreWatch introduce cost-cutting safety solution for commercial van sector - April 2021

TyreWatch, the commercial vehicle tyre management experts, have introduced a new version of their widely used VanSmart tyre monitoring system, to improve safety and reduce running costs for light commercial vehicle operators.

Aptly named, VanSmart II, the smart-technology system uses bespoke wheel sensors designed for the light vehicle sector, to monitor and detect potential tyre issues during typical van use - such as urban and ‘last mile’ deliveries - while also keeping a watch on general tyre status and performance over longer journeys.

TyreWatch Director, Glenn Sherwood explains:

“Our new VanSmart II system significantly reduces the risk of accidents caused by tyre wear or pressure loss and helps to maintain roadworthy vehicles and ensures a safe working environment for every driver.”

TyreWatch also point to the significant savings which the system brings by reducing the impact of tyre-related problems that can lead to vehicle downtime, premature replacement or missed appointments.

“Van tyres lead a challenging life,” continues Glenn, “especially during ‘last mile’ distribution, when making time-bound multi-drop deliveries and collections. The highly sensitive wheel sensors deployed by VanSmart II monitor a wide range of potential tyre problems and instantly inform of any threat to the tyre’s integrity.”

Glenn explains further that the telematic real-time reporting means the traffic office or fleet manager will be alerted to issues regarding any specific tyre and be able to take corrective action by calling the vehicle driver, even before they have any knowledge that something is wrong.

This type of advance warning, says TyreWatch, enables timely tyre maintenance or safe repair before any damage occurs - so minimising delivery disruptions and cost.

“Very often, these are the sort of things which are only picked up during daily inspections or maintenance intervals,” adds Glenn. “VanSmart II however, does it all automatically and with real-time visibility for every tyre in the fleet, it turns the tyre management process from reactive to proactive, which improves efficiency, ensures legal running and keeps everyone safe.”

Ideal for regional, utility, self-hire or blue light services, the new system also ensures that all tyres are always inflated to their correct pressure. This, says TyreWatch, allows vans to safely carry payloads at the given laden weight, while ensuring the vehicle accelerates, steers and brakes as the manufacturer intended.

According to TyreWatch, when VanSmart II is used with a typical 3.5 tonne vehicle, running 235\65 16 tyres, at an average mileage of 40,000 pa, savings of up to £1.80 per van per day can be made on fuel, tyre and maintenance costs.

“With this rate of cost reduction” adds Glenn Sherwood, “to say nothing of the carbon reduction and time-saving benefits – van operators can expect to see a return on investment in under one year, depending on their fleet size.”

D&L Haulage cut tyre costs with smart solution from TyreWatch - April 2021

Poole, Dorset-based walking floor specialists, D&L Haulage (Dorset) Ltd have always paid for tyre services on an as-and-when basis but not anymore, says the company. These days they're saving time and money thanks to the TyreWatch tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and tyre service provider Universal Tyres.

“Tyres are one of the biggest costs we have,” says Julia Manley, accounts manager at D&L. Dealing with waste and loose material every day, it's inevitable that their vehicles pick up debris. As well as downtime, a puncture or, worse, a blowout, can mean damage to the vehicle itself or that of another motorist. “This is why we decided to go with TyreWatch – to try and prevent damage before it happens.”

“Darren Wrann, MD at D&L, came to me because he felt the fleet had reached a size where he needed to address his tyre spend,” explains Wayne Willavoys, account manager at Universal Tyres. “I put together a PPK tyre contract for him and started looking at initiatives to reduce his downtime.”

After first planning to upgrade the quality of tyres the company were using Willavoys suggested TPMS from TyreWatch as a proactive solution. “Darren liked the idea, so we ran a trial on two of his trailers, that being where he was getting the bulk of his punctures. The system proved its worth in the first week, when we were able to catch five events on just one of them!”

TyreWatch is smart connected technology which monitors every tyre in your fleet, looking at changes in pressure and temperature. When it sees an issue developing alerts are sent via email to both operator and tyre service provider, so action can be taken in the most efficient manner. In the case of a blowout on a trailer the driver himself may not even be aware there's a problem whereas TyreWatch will pick it up immediately.

“In the case of those first five events, by liasing with D&L's transport office when the alerts came through, we were able to get a van deployed to meet up with the driver immediately, massively reducing his downtime,” Willavoys tells us. “This meant that instead of the driver waiting for a standard 90-minute call out the job was done and dusted in 25-30 minutes on all occasions.”

“With TyreWatch we can also do a predictive analysis based on the curve of a tyre deflating,” Willavoys continues. “If it's deflating slowly or has a self-sealing puncture – something which often happens around 80-90psi – and the vehicle is empty, we can get it back to D&L's yard. That way the driver can pick up a spare trailer and get away, leaving us to go in and deal with the puncture.”

Achieving proof of concept for TyreWatch via a live trial usually takes three months but in D&L's case it was done in less than two weeks. Darren Wrann could see the benefit and decided to roll it out across the whole fleet.

“TyreWatch should help us from a direct costing point of view by reducing our tyre bills, plus there are the indirect costs and savings as well,” Julia Manley confirms. “After all, any downtime means we're not earning money!”

Glenn Sherwood Director of TyreWatch is delighted that D&L Haulage and Universal Tyres in partnership with TyreWatch appreciate the real-time benefits of the TyreWatch Platform, which has enabled them very quickly to appreciate the added value this brings to their tyre management solutions, and that our development over the last 5-years is paying dividends to fleets like D&L Haulage in sustainable mobility.


Quarry operator cuts costs and downtime with telematics tyre monitoring - April 2021

Imerys, the market-leading supplier of mineral-based specialty solutions, reports a significant reduction in tyre replacement and vehicle downtime since installing a TyreWatch remote monitoring service at its quarry in Furzebrook, Dorset.

With a mixed fleet of off-road heavy plant and six bulk tippers, Imerys were looking for a solution to combat problems associated with tyre-pressure loss and, following a recommendation, turned to TyreWatch and their industry-specific PlantSmart telematics system.

“In former times,” explains Quarry Supervisor, James Johnson, “we might have no idea if a certain tyre was losing pressure or failing, so with no opportunity to resolve the problem, we would have to take vehicles out of service and make emergency tyre replacements. This not only interrupted workflow but also presented a potential safety hazard.”

James goes on to explain that the PlantSmart TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) uses advanced telematics to monitor and supply real-time data regarding each tyre in his quarry fleet, thereby keeping the Imerys team constantly informed of every pressure loss ‘event’.

“We use the TyreWatch direct TPMS on our quarry-based vehicles with high pressure tyres, while on the loading shovels, a pit tractor and our bulk tippers we use the IoT (Internet of things) remote system - which also provides temperature monitoring.” This, says James is useful to detect any sudden temperature increases, which could indicate a binding brake, hub failure, damaged suspension, or incorrect wheel alignment.

In addition to the in-cab alarm system, automatic alerts are sent to designated email addresses, notifying of any events as they occur and automatically updating as the problem develops. “This enables us to monitor every tyre-related issue as it happens and to stay well ahead of any problems before they occur.”

According to James, by never running an underinflated tyre, Imerys are permanently saving on fuel and maintenance costs. Furthermore, by greatly reducing particulate emissions from tyre tread abrasion, the company is also helping to minimise its environmental impact.

“We’ve saved many tyres using this system,” concludes James Johnson, “and the safety and environmental aspects are far-reaching. We have certainly embraced the benefits of TyreWatch predictive tyre management, and I’m pleased to say, so too have all of our quarry transport contractors.”

Tyre wear specialist tackles mis-aligned HGVs with sustainable Josam solution - February 2021

Supplied by JOSAM’s UK distributor Automotive Equipment Solutions UK (AES UK) the JOSAM Cam -aligner is a compact, mobile system which uses patented camera technology together with the ‘centreline principle’ to determine the position of axles and individual wheels in relation to the square of the vehicle.

TyreWatch Field Service Technician, Gary Jerrim, explains:

“This system lines up to the whole vehicle frame and with just a half turn of the wheel, all readings are sent to the laptop, including steering box, camber, out-of-square and toe, to allow instant diagnosis and subsequent adjustment where possible. Less advanced wheel alignment systems typically just check from the drive axle or hang off the wheel itself but because many of these can be out of alignment, or in the case of wheels (damaged), it’s impossible to get accurate readings and complete alignment of all the vehicle’s independent working parts.”

According to TyreWatch, just one degree out of alignment between the wheels and/or the vehicle centre will cause a 10% deficiency in tyre wear, resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption, additional engine strain and potential blow-outs from overheating.

Also, says Gary, the ongoing mechanical stress caused to the drive axles and steering system will compromise the vehicle’s performance, while from an environmental standpoint, continual tyre abrasion greatly contributes to air pollution as micro particulates are dispersed into the atmosphere.

To guard against unnecessary cost, safety issues and harmful emissions, TyreWatch use their unique smart-connected technology, harnessing real-time telematics communication, to monitor special wheel-mounted sensors and download all relevant data concerning the status of each tyre.

From this information any cases of excessive wear are automatically identified and relayed to the vehicle operator, who can then take the necessary steps to diagnose alignment issues and adjust as necessary.

“This is where the Cam-aligner comes in – sort of full circle,” adds Gary Jerrim “the added advantage is that owing to the lightweight mobility of the system, we can go straight to the vehicle to carry out all requisite checks and corrections and the operator saves on the downtime and cost of having to send the vehicle back to the dealer.” In this regard, Gary points out that the system is approved by OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz Truck, Bus & Van, Scania, Volvo and Renault Truck and Van.

A 2018 report prepared for Friends of the Earth by Eunomia Research found that automotive tyres are responsible for approximately 13,000 tonnes of micro particulates entering the Earth’s atmosphere every year. A similar report released by the World Health Organisation, says that tyre-wear accounts for nearly half of road transport particulate emissions and eventually becomes the second-largest micro-plastic pollutant in our oceans after single-use plastics.

Further, award-winning research carried out by the Tyre Collective (Imperial College) and shared by TyreWatch, also establishes the strong correlation between poor tyre husbandry and excessive pollution.

However, Tom Coad, Director at Automotive Equipment Solutions UK, is in no doubt regarding the contributory factors or the potential solutions to combat the problem:

“There are numerous studies which share the common conclusion that tyre wear is a major source of air pollution. Our own recent industry research found that 60% of vehicle operators only attend to tyre wear issues once a problem has been identified. This ‘reactive’ approach highlights two key areas of concern; the first being that incorrect alignment increases rolling resistance and therefore increases fuel consumption – which can never be retrieved. The second is that incorrect alignment results in premature tyre wear and once a tyre has started to wear unevenly it is virtually impossible to retrieve, so it will continue to wear unevenly. Taking this approach, the costs to business and the environment are significant.”

These conclusions are shared by TyreWatch: “Proactive tyre management,” adds Gary “as advocated by AES UK and us is undoubtedly the best policy. Even the smallest axle displacement left undiagnosed, can cause a noticeable effect. If for example, one wheel rolls 5mm per metre to the right and the other wheel rolls 5mm to the left, the wheels will constantly attempt to diverge from each other, which causes rolling resistance, uneven tyre wear and increased fuel consumption.”

By combining the wheel-alignment solutions provided by AES UK with the application of their sustainable ‘connected tyre technology’, TyreWatch aims to reduce tyre failure and improve road safety while keeping transport and environmental costs down.

JOSAM Cam-aligner to reduce tyrewear through truck tyre misalignment

JOSAM Cam-aligner technology used by Tyrewatch

JOSAM Cam-aligner for truck tyre management

JOSAM Cam-aligner for hgv wheel alignment

JOSAM Cam-aligner saves money by reducing truck tyre wear

TyreWatch Sponsor Guy Heywood and Trainsaid and their Virtual Malawi Charity Challenge - September 2020

Challenging times and a good time to reflect on the importance of health care - prevention, access and quality delivery. Imagine Covid with no advice, distant medical facilities and no transportation. This is the reality for most of Africa’s population.

Transaid are working hard on many African projects ; to provide community healthcare, emergency transport, Covid and Malaria prevention and road safety training - saving lives everyday.

Their vital work needs funding - which comes from many fellow transport professionals completing their challenges.

2020 was a big year with two large events in the UK and Malawi, however Covid means they are now postponed until 2021.

TyreWatch are pleased to support Guy as he is riding the planned Malawi route indoors - 504km and 10km of climbing in 5 days with a target to raise enough money for 2 bicycle ambulances or to fund a health care worker for 1 year.

All of the money donated goes to support Transaid in saving lives - preventing; Covid, Malaria, GBV (Gender Based Violence) and providing essential mobility solutions for remote African communities

The Carmen Safety Award - September 2020

Founded in 1517 The Carmen 77th Livery Company of the City of London.

Every year The Carmen look at the world of transport and honour the best in industry, armed forces, education and individual enterprise.

This year was selected by Joint Service R.L.C Safety Award for 2020, often presented by HRH The Princess Royal, but obviously this year due to Covid 19 it was a virtual award ceremony.

However, this takes nothing away that this is a prestigious award and to be recognised by the 77th City of London and Joint Services is an honour, and clearly demonstrates our commitment as innovators in creating safe, sustainable technology for today and tomorrow’s transport.


New state of the art technical support vehicle - September 2020\RL Capital have taken delivery of their new state of the art field service technical support vehicle from Marshall Group - Mercedes Benz. The vehicle has all the latest equipment onboard for onsite quick installation of our Tyre Telematics including diagnostics etc.

The vehicle has come specified with Mercedes Benz latest onboard vehicle telematics including TPMS called “Mercedes Pro Connect” which we can connect our VanSmart platform for remote digital tyre management, thus creating the fully connected vehicle

Tyrewatch new vehicle with onboard tyre telematics

Tyrewatch new vehicle with onboard tyre telematics

Tyrewatch new vehicle with onboard tyre telematics

Tyrewatch new vehicle with onboard tyre telematics

Fred Sherwood Group become industrial partner - August 2020

Fred Sherwood Group which includes Bulk Freight (Midlands) have adopted TyreWatch TrailerSmart in partnership with Vaculug Technologies Tyre Management. Their 300+ trailer fleet operate specialist waste collection services nationally across the UK.

In May this year they also became Field Industrial Partners in the development of our AutoAlign platform in conjunction with Innovate UK. AutoAlign is a connected technology designed to continuously monitor wheel alignment to minimise tyre particulate emissions. A number of their new Volvo tractor units have been installed with AutoAlign test units ready for extensive field trials to start in Q4.

Go Ahead Group roll out Proof of Concept - August 2020

The Go Ahead Group are one of the UK's largest PSV operators. In April they joined our Field Industrial Partnership to develop our connected wheels and tyres platform – real-time measuring of tyre pressure & temperature, wheel security and wheel alignment – across a wide range of Brighton & Hove public service vehicles.

This initiative will involve various trials with both current and evolving technologies throughout 2020.

Day Group putting 20+ new vehicles on the road in Summer 2020. - August 2020

Day Aggregates are leading-suppliers of sand, aggregate and recycled mineral products to the building, construction and leisure sectors. Operating extensively across the South of England, Days were original adopters of TyreWatch in 2016 and today our technology forms an integral part of their overall vehicle compliance management.

In November 2018, Day Aggregates won the prestigious MPA Award for Transport Initiatives – for increasing vehicle safety through its use of wheel telematics across its fleet. Today, Scania South East specify TyreWatch with every Scania Truck supplied to Days on a comprehensive R&M maintenance package.

AutoAlign reducing air pollution - August 2020

We are proud to announce the development of AutoAlign – a connected technology to continuously monitor wheel alignment – in conjunction with Aston University, University of Chester, McLaren Applied and Dynamon.

Tyre Industry Research concludes that on the UK roads today there are 18.7 million vehicles operating with incorrect wheel alignment. This misalignment is simply a consequence of routine day to day use, but often goes undetected for months until the problem is identified at scheduled maintenance or legislative testing. The consequential excessive tyre tread abrasion is widely recognised as a major contributor to vehicle particulate emissions (PM2.5 and PM10) by the World Health Organisation. For business it adds costly overheads of increased fuel consumption and premature tyre replacement.

AutoAlign is being engineered to detect all three alignment issues (toe-in/toe-out, camber and caster) as accurately as existing workshop technology. Significantly, it will identify the issue in real-time while the vehicle is operating on the road. AutoAlign is designed to promote fast correction therefore minimising emissions and improving vehicle efficiency.

Mark Longden, Project Lead and Technical Director of TyreWatch, commented: "We are delighted that Innovate UK chose to support our important new environmental health project. We have months of hard work and testing ahead of us before AutoAlign will be ready for production in quarter 4 of 2021 – under our AlignWatch brand."





Dynamon logo


McLaren Racing sign another contract - February 2020

McLaren Racing has one single mission: to win Grand Prix and World Championships. Their logistics fleet is essential for the European leg of the F1 circuit which sees the Team travel to nine countries.

TyreWatch are proud to be the official supplier of connected tyre technology across the entire McLaren fleet. The renowned race team rely on TyreWatch to continuously monitor every commercial tyre to ensure their vehicles arrive on schedule.

With just days between races, the fleet must cover long distances within intensive time constraints; often requiring non-stop travel with triple manned drivers. McLaren have recently invested in 24 state-of-the-art Volvo FH trucks combining all the latest technology to enhance drivability. These power a fleet of 25 bespoke HGV trailers providing the ever-changing logistical requirements for the race cars, technical support and hospitality operations.

Glenn Sherwood, co-founder of TyreWatch, commented: "we are delighted to have secured another three-year contract with McLaren. Our digital truck tyre platform connects commercial tyres in the same way F1 cars have enjoyed for years. McLaren were early adopters of TyreWatch back in 2016 and our platform has consistently proved itself since."

McLaren racing logo


Map of Europe


McLaren Truck fitted with TyreWatch


Scania add TyreWatch to R & M contracts - December 2019

Simply Waste Solutions are a recycling-led waste management company for businesses based across London, the home counties, Oxford and Bristol. They are responsible for around 24,000 collections a week, managing more than 120,000 tonnes of waste and recycling with a service success rate of over 99%.

To achieve this, Simply Waste rely on a modern fleet of over 50 vehicles across their sites. Scania Heathrow supply their vehicles on a full R & M contract covering all scheduled maintenance and tyres. However, with daily operations across waste recycling and transfer stations their tyres naturally experience a higher frequency of damage. To help control this avoidable and unnecessary cost, Scania Heathrow selected TyreWatch continuous tyre monitoring to provide real-time visibility of every tyre issue and to maximise vehicle uptime.


Glenn Sherwood, co-founder of TyreWatch, commented: "due to the success of TyreWatch on all new vehicles, Scania Heathrow have already decided to retrofit the system across every Simply Waste vehicle at their PMIs. This is a terrific achievement and an endorsement of our sustainable approach to tyres."



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