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Designed and engineered for your fleet

With a TyreWatch TPMS system in place, problems with any part of your HGV or PSV fleet wheels are detected right from the off; meaning that potentially dangerous or costly breakdowns can be picked up even before they become obvious from visual inspections or scheduled maintenance.

Working in close partnership with fleet managers and tyre service providers, every TyreWatch commercial tyre pressure monitoring system installation is configured to the individual specifications of each vehicle. Truck TPMS sensors are mounted securely within the wheels, which enable them to process both pressure and temperature readings. The TyreWatch server is programmed with the vehicles axle configuration, tyre specifications, the agreed baseline pressures, together with other parameters designed to deliver class-leading service.

When the vehicles ignition is on, the sensors; which are guaranteed for five years, send data to the on-board TyreWatch controller. This collates data and transmits it to the TyreWatch server. This provides a continuous, real-time condition report on both the vehicles in-cab display and to devices logged in to your TyreWatch tyre telematics for trucks account.

Your TyreWatch account is accessed via our secure web portal. This provides easy access from any device - desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phones - for both the fleet manager and the tyre service provider.

In operations where different trailers are pulled by a range of tractor units, trailer tyre pressure monitoring works seamlessly without any driver or fleet office involvement. The tractor’s TyreWatch controller automatically couples with the trailer’s sender unit, presenting the combined configuration on the in-cab display and the TyreWatch server. On your TyreWatch web portal, the tyre telematics for trailers can be located under both the tractors registration plate and its unique fleet number, enabling you to keep an eye on the trailer independently of the tractor pulling it. When the units separate, the tractor’s receiver automatically disconnects ready for connection with the next trailer.


TyreWatch continuously monitors, analyses and reports on:

Tyre pressure:
truck tire pressure telematics show puncture Rapid pressure leakage - more than 5psi deflation in 15 seconds

truck tire telematics show pressure problem 20% under baseline pressure
30% above baseline pressure
Unequal pressure across an axle

Tyre temperature:
truck tire telematics show temperature problem Alerts when tyre temperature reaches 80°C

Vehicle speed: (optional)
truck tire telematics show speed problem Excessive speed is a major cause of rapid tyre attrition

truck tpms sensors pinpoint location With in-built GPS, the vehicles location is recorded



If TyreWatch detects an issue, it immediately informs the driver, your fleet management office and your tyre service providers so co-ordinated action can be taken. With the right information, you can decide how best to service your vehicle.

Typically, less urgent issues - such as slow pressure loss from a leaky valve, or a modest temperature increase from a mechanical axle defect for example - can be fixed once the driver returns to base. The nature of the fault is minor, but with this knowledge the driver can proceed with caution and avoid potential escalation or exacerbation of the fault.



Should TyreWatch detect rapid pressure leakage or high temperatures - the main causes of tyre failure - it generates an urgent stop alert. The driver can then pull over in full control of the vehicle, preventing imminent tyre failure.

With in-built GPS as standard, your tyre service provider can find the vehicle with pin-point accuracy.

As well as providing real-time condition reports, TyreWatch also gives you access to historical data for your vehicles. With careful analysis, this can help to make better decisions on tyre purchasing schedules, routing policies and even tyre specifications.


When TyreWatch detects an issue, it immediately informs the driver, your tyre service providers and your fleet management office so co-ordinated action can be taken.

Suitable vehicles

TyreWatch works with your commercial vehicles and plant


Three-way partnership

We work collaboratively with your tyre service providers and fleet managers


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Whether you're operating in the UK or further afield, TyreWatch is designed to give fleet operators complete peace of mind.

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We understand that every fleet operator's daily challenge is to deliver their goods, services and passengers on time, every time.


2. Peace of mind

Continuous real-time monitoring to catch early warning signs of failure before they develop


3. Engineered for your fleet

Every TyreWatch installation is configured to the individual specifications of each vehicle


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TyreWatch is responsible for keeping fleets like yours delivering on your promises to your customers


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From just 70 pence per day, we can deliver an 85% reduction in roadside failures - and that's just the beginning


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With TyreWatch you'll enjoy a range of benefits that drive greater value into your vehicle fleet

Tyrewatch - Tyre telematics for trucks and trailers

A tyre monitoring system that sees more than most

monitor: pressure, temperature, speed and location
inform: the driver and fleet operator of potential issues
prevent: avoidable roadside failures and downtime