Paper, seat covers

RLC Toilet Roll

Toilet Roll - pack of 36

Valid to end of May

Toilet Roll - pack of 36

RLC Toilet Roll

RLA Seat100

Disposable Seat Covers (pack of 100)

Economy duty disposable seat covers ideal for protecting seats during a service, MOT or valet sold on the roll in a centre feed dispenser box for easy and portable use. 

RLA Seat100 


Nitrile gloves - pack of 100

Nitrile gloves - pack of 100. Ideal for protecting hands from dirt and potential irritants. Superior comfort and dexterity when compared to Vinyl gloves. Textured surface provides additional grip. Choose Size RLA Glove-Nitrile
RLC Blueroll

Blue Roll - Pack of 6

Blue Roll - 2 ply centre feed - pack of 6
RLC Cabletie
cable ties

12" Cable Ties - 100

12" Cable Ties - pack of 100