Tyre Paint and Dressing

RLA TyrePaint5
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Tyre Paint - 5ltr

RLA TyrePaint5 - specially formulated to restore that 'new look' to tyres. Ideal for covering overspray and scuff marks on rubber surfaces.

Instructions - ensure surface is clean, dry and free from oil, dirt and grease. Stir thoroughly and apply with a clean paintbrush. Allow paint to dry for at least 45 minutes before driving the vehicle. Do not apply onto tyre tread. Do not apply to motorcycle or bicycle tyres 

Tyre Dressing 5ltr

RLA Tyredressing - 5ltr, Water Based, High Gloss, Silicone Free.  

Instructions  - Simply wipe on with a soft, cloth, clean, lint-free cloth or brush. Not suitable for motorbike tyres.