Wheel Braces

RLM BHW Series
Reinforced L Bar

Reinforced 1" L Bar

Reinforced 1" L Bar. Choose size

Product Code RLM BHW Series

Std 1" L Bar

Standard 1" L Bar

Standard 1" L Bar. Choose socket size.

Product Code RLM BHW Series

Tommy Bar

Tommy Bar for Std. and Reinforced L Bars (ex. Sq. End)

Tommy Bar for Standard and Reinforced L Bars
1" Sq. End Reinforced L Bar

L Bar - 1" Reinforced Square End

1" L Bar reinforced - square ends
Tommy Bar - Reinforced L Bar

Tommy Bar - 1" reinforced sq ends

Tommy bar for 1" reinforced L Bar with square ends
RLA Knuckle
1/2" Knuckle Bar

1/2" Knuckle Bar / Power Bar

1/2" end Knuckle Bar, manufactured from chrome vanadium steel hardened, tempered, chrome plated and polished for corrosion protection. Hinged joint head. Spring-loaded ball bearing for secure socket holding. Choose length

RLM 4WBrace
4 Way Wheel Brace

4 way Wheel Brace - 17,19,21,22

Heat treated carbon steel, 17,19,21 & 22mm hex. Blue epoxy hammer finish,16mm dia. - 375mm length

RLM 4WC/3 sq
4 Way Wheel Brace with Sq. Ends

4 Way Wheel Brace, 1/2 " Sq. End

4 way wheel brace , 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 1/2" square end. 375mm length, 16mm diameter